Consolidate loans online today

What does loan consolidation mean?

When we hear about a product called a consolidation loan, we often get the impression or the perception that this type of financing could be the solution to all problems.

In fact, in addition to being a type of product, it can also be a consolidation opportunity that can have a person, who has a series of small commitments underway, but who would like to pay off by paying a single product in one installment.

What are the characteristics of loan consolidation?

When there are several financing debts in progress, a good transaction to be evaluated could be to pay them off and merge them into a single installment with a new loan.

Through the operation of this kind, where there are the prerequisites, it will be possible to extinguish all the loans in progress and refinances with a single solution that is more convenient and convenient.

Extending the repayment period with the consolidation loan can have both benefits deriving from paying a lower monthly installment amount (thus obtaining a higher monthly availability than before) and is, in certain cases, an advantageous modulation of the rate compared to the old ongoing loans. consolidating bad paying debts

Features of a consolidation loan with the sale of the fifth?

  • For Employees, Pensioners and Convention Doctors or General Practitioners;
  • Repayment durations ranging from 24 installments to 120 installments;
  • Fixed-Rate and Installment for the entire duration of the loan;
  • It can also be evaluated for those who have had protests or reports in the past.

Loan consolidation with the sale of the fifth?

A loan to carry out a loan consolidation can also be requested through the sale of the fifth product, this type of financing, in fact, reaches a maximum duration of 10 years and can reach amounts up to 75,000 USD. The categories to which this type of financing is addressed are employees and retirees. The calculations will be based on age and based on the salary or pension received.