HMC holds its first precision medicine conference

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) held its first virtual precision medicine conference on November 5-6. A collaboration between the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of HMC and the National Center for Cancer Research and Care, the theme of the educational event focused on “Precision Medicine in Oncology”.

The conference was hosted by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer and Dr Salha Bujassoum a-Bader, Senior Consultant and President of Medical Oncology at HMC, Deputy President of HMC – Precision Medicine and Member of the Clinical Council for Precision Medicine in Qatar ; under the leadership of Dr Abdulla al-Ansari, Chief Medical Officer of HMC and President of HMC – Precision Medicine and President of the Clinical Council for Precision Medicine in Qatar.
Dr al-Ansari said that precision medicine has the potential to transform healthcare: “I am proud to share that at present, Qatar is a leader in precision medicine in this area. region and the work progressing here can be used in and around all Arab countries. the globe.”
“Oncology has been at the forefront of advancements in precision medicine, which led to our decision to focus our first Precision Medicine conference on this important topic. This conference aims to share international knowledge on best practices on the use of precision cancer medicine to improve the diagnostic accuracy of cancer and other diseases.
Dr al-Ansari added that the Precision Medicine Conference will be an annual event aimed at improving best practices in precision medicine among clinicians. He mentioned that “the application of precision medicine to clinical practice requires a deep understanding of genomic and environmental data. Therefore, the development of relevant expertise in the clinical workforce will be the key to the clinical implementation of precision medicine. The first step in this regard is to educate clinical staff through educational events ”.
Dr al-Bader noted: “In the case of cancer, precision medicine uses specific information about a person’s tumor to help make a diagnosis, plan treatment, ensure continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of the tumor. treatment and make a prognosis of the likely results of the treatment. It is therefore a multidisciplinary approach based on collaborative work between different clinical and administrative support teams to ensure better recovery results.
The HMC Precision Medicine Committee was recently established under the leadership of Dr Abdulla al-Ansari and is made up of key specialties such as oncology, pharmacy, medical genetics, laboratory and radiology. The team is progressing quickly to the top. HMC recently became an organizational member of two international organizations: Precision Medicine Coalition based in the United States and Genomics England based in the United Kingdom.

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