“People with big hearts. He spent decades with the fire department, she with the hospital. Now the Arnolds are retiring

Vicki Arnold’s last day was April 1 and she was honored with a hospital-wide reception on Friday, April 15.

“The day I left, what I would miss most were the relationships and the people I worked with for 34 years,” Mark Arnold said.

Mark Arnold started with Hall County in March 1988.

“I was drawn to Hall County because it was the only place where, as a paramedic, I could be a firefighter at the same time,” Mark Arnold said. “Most places back then were segregated and still are.”

After her plan to become a veterinary pharmacist failed, Vicki Arnold returned home to Gainesville. She received a call from the hospital, where she had been rotated.

“I said no, but I will come to work because I don’t have a job. I give you six months,” Vicki Arnold said. “Either I didn’t have enough imagination to go somewhere else, or I must have really liked it.”

Vicki Arnold stayed at Northeast Georgia Medical Center for 42 years, a field where she saw automation making the pharmacy business safer and faster.

“When I started (in) pharmacy, everyone lived in the basement, and we don’t now,” Vicki Arnold said. “My career ended in the trauma unit. We have our own small pharmacies throughout the hospital, which brings us closer to the patients. »

Vicki Arnold said she had set the milestone of 40 as a goal in her head. But when the COVID-19 pandemic started, she said she was “not going to run away from a fight.”

“She’s just one of those people (who) cares about what she does,” said Laird Miller, who went to pharmacy school with Vicki. “She cares about people, whether she works or in the community. Just one of those big-hearted people who will do whatever they can, both her and Mark. That’s what impresses me about them as a couple and individually.