Pharmacy delivery driver Harold Hill saves elderly man who passed out from gas fumes

A pharmacy delivery driver saved the life of an elderly man who passed out from gas fumes.

Roger Rose was rescued after a delivery driver woke him up after falling asleep following a gas leak in his mobile home
– Credit: Archant

Roger Rose, 85, had been lying in his gas-filled house on Sunset Drive, Harold Hill, for three hours when Laura Bell showed up to deliver drugs on behalf of Day Lewis Pharmacy.

Laura, 36, of Straight Road, Harold Hill, said: “I kept knocking on his window and could see he was sleeping.

“He didn’t want to wake up so I really banged on the window.

“He took a while to open the door. He looked dizzy and when he opened it I could smell gas.

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Roger said: “If she hadn’t come and seen me like this, it would have been my lot. I have been very lucky.”

Roger worked on his model airplanes and used a type of glue that shrinks when heat is applied to it.

He had used the flame of his gas stove to heat the glue.

“I thought I would sit for five minutes,” he said.

“I walked past the stove and the breeze blew the gas out. I sat down in the living room for a break and started to fall asleep.

“I thought my God, I was tired.

“The next day, I thought I was awakened by banging on my window.

” I crossed [to the door] and I got dizzy. I felt really bad.

Laura immediately knew something was wrong and rushed into the house to shut off the gas and forced Roger out where, luckily, the paramedics were nearby.

“Her fingers were turning blue,” Laura continued.

“He was confused. The paramedics thought he was drunk.

But the quick-witted delivery driver explained the situation and the retiree was taken to hospital.

He spent that evening, May 4, at Queen’s Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford, where he underwent tests.

“She saved my life,” Roger continued.

The next day, he bought a bouquet of flowers to thank Laura and visited her at work to surprise her.

Thusanth Thayaparan, Gooshayes Drive Pharmacy Manager Harold Hill said, “I think Laura is amazing.”

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