Pharmacy delivery service PillSorted has handed out £4.7m in seed funding

Pharmacy delivery service PillSorted has raised $6m (£4.7m) in seed funding.

Founded in 2019 by pharmacist Zeinab Ardeshir and Mohammad Mohaghegh, PillSorted will use the capital injection for product development, expanding its service in London and the rest of the UK.

A new trial will see the service extended to support social workers.

PillSorted, based in London, is a personalized medicine home delivery service. Its team of data scientists use algorithms that aim to give better advice and improve outcomes, thereby reducing drug costs.

For pharmacists, PillSorted uses automation to remove the administrator associated with manual prescription processing. Its operating system allows pharmacists to transform conversations into consultations and offer referrals from general practitioners. PillSorted also taps into the NHS through connections including NHS spine.

“The typical pharmacy experience has long been in need of improvement, and most pharmacists, although well trained and highly skilled, are so bogged down in manual, repetitive tasks that they only have time to provide a basic transactional service,” said Zeinab Ardeshir, CEO and Co-Founder, PillSorted.

Patients using PillSorted can request digital consultations with a pharmacist whenever they wish. PillSorted’s delivery is managed by its own fleet, enabling it to guarantee delivery before the drugs run out and to supply critical drugs when needed.

“Our mission is to provide a personalized pharmacy service to people who take a lot of medication, making it much easier for them to access the medications and support they need,” Ardeshir added.

The investment came from Pear VC, Hoxton Ventures, Edison and the founders of DoorDash.

“PillSorted leverages technology to fill and deliver pharmaceuticals while creating personalized, human-centered experiences. It’s the model for a future in which patients can always get the medicines they need at home before they need them,” said Pear VC partner Pepe Agell.

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