Potential risks, dangers of traditional medicine without medical prescription | Health

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On the first day of April, the Andrology Department of HCMC-based Binh Dan Hospital received a 42-year-old man from Go Vap district who was hospitalized with an erection accompanied by severe pain.

Doctors asked for his medical history, finding that because the remarried man suffered from erectile dysfunction, the inability to get and maintain an erection firm enough to have sex for about five months. Heeding the advice of friends, he bought traditional drugs to imbibe alcohol to improve his sexual health.

However, after drinking alcohol three times, the dip still had no effect, the patient continued to use it with an increased dose and was hospitalized with an erection and a painful penis. Doctor Mai Ba Tien Dung, head of the orthopedic department at Binh Dan Hospital, said that immediately after receiving, doctors performed emergency cavernous suction treatment, creating blood vessels to relieve blood pressure. in the cavernous sinus, but the prognosis of cavernous fibrosis and erectile dysfunction of the patient will be more severe.

The Poison Control Department at Cho Ray Hospital also received a male patient in the central highland province of Dak Lak with symptoms of rough and flaky skin, darkening and yellowing of the skin after a long period of taking many medications. traditional to increase vitality. and cure hepatitis. The patient was one of hundreds of patients who had recently been diagnosed with traditional medicine poisoning at Cho Ray Hospital.

The commonality of the patients is that they have acute liver failure, hepatomegaly, cholestasis causing jaundice, yellow eyes, rough skin and skin darkening. Some people have chronic enteritis and prolonged protein loss causing diarrhea in the intestines. There are more severe cases of simultaneous damage to many different organs, such as acute heart failure, acute kidney failure, and acute hepatitis.

Statistics from Ho Chi Minh City Medical and Pharmacy University Hospital, 115 People’s Hospital, Gia Dinh People’s Hospital, since the beginning of the year, these infirmaries have treated dozens of poisoning cases with drugs traditional since the beginning of the year.

There are many cases of lactic acidosis (accumulation of excess lactic acid in the blood) due to the use of traditional medicines for diabetes, osteoarthritis and others of unknown origin, containing the substance phenformin which is prohibited worldwide and in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Pham Ngoc Thac from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, there are many objective and subjective reasons for poisoning problems with traditional medicines, resulting in life-threatening. A patient treats himself by reading books and information on social networks to buy the remedies.

Another reason is that they are told about an effective drug.

Deputy Director and Head of Pharmacy Department of Ho Chi Minh City Traditional Medicine Hospital Nguyen Phuong Nam advised patients to strictly follow a doctor’s instructions. While taking herbal medicines, if patients feel that their condition is getting worse, they should stop the medicine immediately and report it to the doctor for prompt treatment.

By Quang Huy – Translated by Anh Quan