West Virginia Officials: Mercer County Health Department COVID Vaccine Delivery Halted Due to Dosing Error | VM News

CHARLESTON, Va. (WV News) – The Mercer County health department has temporarily halted administration of the COVID-19 vaccine after a recent dosing error, state officials confirmed on Friday.

State health worker Dr Ayne Amjad explained at Governor Jim Justice’s COVID press conference on Friday that the Department of Health had mistakenly administered full doses of the Moderna vaccine as booster shots.

When Moderna vaccine is given as a booster, half a dose is supposed to be used.

James Hoyer, director of the state’s joint interagency task force, said the health department has been asked to stop giving vaccinations.

Dr Amjad stressed that the measure is only a temporary suspension.

“Our team will be traveling next week to make sure the vaccines can be given in the right doses,” she said.

She went on to explain that possession of vaccines is not a punitive measure, but rather a measure to ensure that the administration of vaccines is carried out correctly.

Amjad added that Mercer County is not the only region to have experienced such a problem.

“It’s not something that necessarily only happens in Mercer County, it has happened in other counties in the state,” she said.

The couple pointed out that there are still places in Mercer County where residents can get vaccinated, including the new pediatric vaccine for children aged 5 to 11.

“Our task force and (West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources) made sure there are outlets in Mercer County for children to get immunized,” Hoyer said. . “The Four Seasons Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy and Kroger Pharmacy have all been working since this morning to schedule appointments for young people to get vaccinated.

“And the Bluestone Community Health Center is receiving its doses today and is already engaged with the Mercer County School Board for those who wish to be vaccinated through this process.”

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